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Coffee roasted with passion andcare and impecable technique yis

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"I'm going to turn this place into a cafe". Something my father said whilst on a walk with my brother and myself 20 years ago.

He did exactly that.

He took that shop on Beaumont street in islington, Newcastle. Re-designed the place into a cafe/roastery. Installed a Deidrich roaster and started working on his craft.

The cafe took off very quickly as people caught wind of the coffee, it just tasted better than anything they had ever tried before is what everyone would say and the more these feelings about the taste of our coffee was preached across Newcastle, soon enough the place was crowded.

Islington at the time was quite a rundown neighborhood and not very friendly, but because of the influence and popularity of Suspension Espresso the neighborhood became welcoming and trendy to everyone who came for a cup or a bag.

I remember every time he would roast a batch of beans he would have a sip and he would write down the flavour notes into a spreadsheet and and adjust accordingly. The days and nights he would spend working on techniques for each different types of beans and origins, continued to adjust and improve his roast for a longer time than I can remember myself.

We would spend so much time in his cafe as young kids, eating the gelato (the same gelato I use in my store now.). I grew up in that cafe when we were in Newcastle. We ended up moving to Sydney and my father eventually ending up selling the cafe to his Manager and friend, and made the roastery a separate business. He continued to move his roastery around to the places we would live from a warehouse, to roasting in our garage.

At a young age I would work in the roastery bagging and packing coffee some days after school, I had spent my whole life around coffee, the fuel for my families success. Naturally I inherited my fathers passion for coffee and always dreamed of starting my own cafe. I was quite an entrepuener from a young age, owning multiple businesses since before turning 18, I resold clothings and had another venture selling toys on the internet, but i finally achieved my goal, the cafe.

So, here I am, owning my own cafe in a gorgeous and wonderfully coffee loving neighboourhood, leichardt.

No food, Coffees, Beans, gelato and sweets, sticking to focusing on what I do best. Delicious coffee.

Not the sweetest, not the cheapest but the Best